You’re Invited! It’s My Picnic

I am truly obsessing over picnics lately…I think this picture triggered it all for me! You’re Invited! It’s My Picnic:

This is beyond awesome. This is my dream right now. Spotted here.

In order to indulge my day dreaming, I found lots of pretty picnic pictures for you (well me) to enjoy.

We need old timey music for our picnic, obviously. Spotted here.

What a French looking picnic! So classy, barrel, real glass, a basket of lovely cheeses and bread! Ahhhhh, spotted here.

A slight variation from the the traditional picnic – this is a random, super beautiful poppy party with some dames who wanted a real table and not just a blanket on the ground! Classy like that. Spotted here.

Fancy English style picnic! Tea cups and fancy buns to boot. Spotted here.

Somebody went to a lot of trouble to drag those pretty glass protective display things out into the grass. Spotted here.

A rocky seaside picnic. Somewhere to eat the ‘days’ catch! Spotted here.

A great vintage truck to deliver the goods. Spotted here.

Love this matchy match picnic basket. The perfect summer accessory. Urban and rural dwellers. Spotted here.

Nothing provides better images then a staged, fake wedding engagement photo shoot! Spotted here.

A forest retreat. LOVE! Except I wouldn’t love having sticks pocking into me -spotted here.

Lots of delicious treats hiding in amongst the grass! Original link didn’t work so here is the pinterest link.

No park? No problem. Urban cement picnic. Spotted here.

Cute summer dresses and bow ties are a must! Fancy picnic party. Spotted here.

As if this isn’t the coolest thing you have seen all day!?! Would make me feel like Sandy from Grease! Love. Spotted here.

*As a sick twist of fate, the weather is atrocious today in Ireland – its pouring rain and miserable. I don’t even want to set a toe outside let alone pack a picnic. Oh well! Better luck for the weekend!

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