Yea, I Would Drink Coffee There

I once wrote another post about ‘Somewhere to drink coffee‘ and I have been seeing lots of beautiful home interiors & exteriors where I truly do think “Oh I really would love to lounge and drink coffee there”. So I have decided to allow myself the privilege of re-inventing the original blog post with all new rooms of course! Don’t they look incredibly inviting and lovely? I Would Drink Coffee There:

Original source unknown (sad face). Pinterest.

I would even slip on those slippers. Spotted here.

Original source no longer in existence. Pinterest.

Farmhouse crush. Spotted here.

Cabin bunk where coffee is allowed in bed. Spotted here.

A combination of two stellar things, Italy and coffee. Spotted here.

For sure at least 2 of us could fit on that leather lounger. Spotted here.

I would sit here for sure. I wish I owned that runner. Spotted here.

Magic. Spotted here.

You know when you are chatting with someone and lean against the wall because you end up standing there longer than you thought you were going to? Or when you are saying good bye to someone and hoping they don’t go? I would do that here. Avec coffee. Spotted here.

I could sit there everyday and do work. Spotted here.

Hard to believe this is the interior of a tent. Stretching the home idea a wee bit here. Doesn’t change the idea that I would still love to hang out here. Spotted here {check out the other awesome pictures!}

  • What a cool post idea to illustrate places where you’d have a cup of coffee – my favorite right now would be pic no. 1 – a comfy & warm blanket plus a freshly brewed coffee and a lake & forest view, bliss! Igor xoxo

  • Yes, would drink coffee in all those places!

  • those teal bar stools! *swoon*