Winter Battles – Harsh Ontario Winters

For those of us that live in the frozen tundra that is Ontario, I don’t think I need to go into too many details about how harrowing our winter has been this year but for those that live elsewhere…The only way I can describe it, winter battles – the harsh Ontario winters have worn me down.

ice storm

Our winter has been long. Hard. Little relief from every type of storm imaginable [Oh hi ice storm/snowstorm/windstorm/ice and wind storm/more snow storm/sun storm that melts snow then freezes into ice again storm].

winter sunset

And frankly, it has become emotionally exhausting. We all have our battles.  But when you have been fighting and beating down an extra tedious winter on top of life’s usual stresses…..Well, we are all at our wits end. No wonder so many of us Canadians flee during January and February to warmer shores. My mental health has been whittled away to a fraction of what it is in the summer. I don’t think I am alone when I say that it is brief moments of relief that keep us from completely deteriorating [think coffee with someone who makes you laugh, cuddles with a puppy, sun coming in through the windows into your home] . I like to think that in general, I am a completely happy, optimistic individual. I enjoy life. But recently, I have really been struggling. It has been made that much harder when you aren’t sure when it is going to end.

sunset on Stony Lake, Kawarthas

When will the snow start to melt? When will the ice turn to water? I NEED GREEN AGAIN. PLEASE. I am grateful for this insane blinding sunshine we have been getting lately but you know what happens when it is that bright out? (This is a completely unscientific belief) IT IS COLDER OUT. That’s right, mother nature likes to hate on us some more by tricking us to go outside to capture some vitamin D then bites us.

Nan on a frozen wave

Note: my friend Jen took this photo of Nan – not me!

Canada is a hard place to live. I am only getting by now by talking about the spring and summer. Thinking about laying in the grass, hiking with Nan outside of the city, camping, swimming when possible and riding bikes.  We will all be back at our local parks soon – fighting over where we can throw down our picnic blankets, drink beer and swap tips on the best way to make guacamole (who hasn’t talked about this?).

Nan in bandana

So life has been hard. Although I haven’t done an official poll, I just want to put it out there that I think a lot of people have been struggling with life lately too. Why do you think I retweet all those jokes on Twitter? They keep me alive when I am stuck indoors {that is completely untrue, I am must being dramatic…But they are funny!}.

winter walks on Toronto waterfront

Roll on spring 2014. We are all ready for you and looking forward to your smells, grass, blooms, baby animals and rising temperatures. Friends – hang in there. We can do this. We are Canadians – made from hardy stock.


If anyone out there is in need of a pick me up, drop me a line!


This is where I was last year at this time. Trying not to cry thinking about how warm and beautiful it was.







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  • This winter has been so, so, so long. I’ve noticed quite a change in a number of people on Facebook and Twitter…those who are usually quite happy and upbeat and definitely giving off grumpy vibes.
    My co-workers and I were talking the other day about why the hell someone decided it was a good idea to live here year round. And back when shelters were more simple and your only heat was fire. So crazy.

  • I hear you, but for the opposite reason. We haven’t had winter and it looks like we won’t. I need seasons to mark the passing of the year, but it’s been one long, dry August. I long for rain and cold. Days where snuggling in, reading a book, and drinking hot tea is the norm without sweating.

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