Weekend Treasures

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Forewarning: The following blog post is a little bit of a departure from my usual home home home blah blah decor blah blah design posts… There. Now you know.

The holiday season has officially opened with a bang! I had great intentions to head out to the Handmade Holiday Art & Craft Show put together by Kid Icarus and try to buy as many Christmas gifts as possible for other people…

Of course I walked away with only items for myself… BUT BUT BUT – my sister and I did spot a screened kitchen tea towel that she really liked, so I may end up procuring that for her down the road if she decides she does indeed want it. I got two super sweet things for myself…The first is no big surprise – it is a nifty falconwright change purse that I have been ogling online for the last few weeks.

falconwright is a collaborative effort from the very talented Sandi Falconer and Danielle Wright. I just happen to know Danielle from my small town days in Thornbury. Dan & I use to work together in a bakery/cafe like a hundred years ago so we are Facebook friends.  It’s great for me as then I can keep my eye on her crafty endeavours. She is also the talented lady behind the late (well sort of late) stitchface. I commissioned two sweet beagle ‘toys’ when I moved to Edinburgh, one for me and one for my sister.

Long story short: when I saw that Dan was making screen printed leather goods, I knew I had to get my paws on one. And I did.

Even the paper bags are cool. FYI, Sandi designed all the graphics.

Ahhhhhh… I love it. A lot. It’s perfect for times when I don’t want to carry a purse. I actually despise carrying a purse based solely on the fact that I have been robbed so many times and most times it had something to do with my purse.

Love that my little change pouch has some extra love in the interior

Danielle and Sandi’s handiwork is stunning (following 2 images from their blog).

I wasn’t the only one thrilled with my falconwright acquisition – Anabela from fieldguided also snagged a lovely pouch/purse on Saturday:

Image from field guided Twitter account.

I also picked up an awesome print from Doublenaut which was a totally unexpected snag….Here is their booth from the show:

Image from Doublenaut’s Twitter account.

I love it for several reasons.

(mind the poor lighting)

(1) It’s from a Dan Mangan show, who I adore. (2) It is made in Toronto. (3) The colours on the poster are truly stellar. And lastly, (4) I love the image of a car driving down into a coffee cup. It is an especially accurate reflection of Mangan’s album Nice, Nice, Very Nice.

Ok. The end.

  • Katy Chancey

    Wow, Doublenaut!! Thank you so much for sharing!

  • Danielle Wright

    Awww- thanks for the kind words Meagan! It was so nice to see you and Roselie at the show-sorry we didn’t get a chance to properly chat with the craft madness going on. Hope all is well with you and that you have an awesome xmas season :)