Weekend Getaways

As an attempt to keep my gypsy self in Toronto for awhile after I returned from my summer out west, I made a commitment to myself to try to get out of the city every and/or most weekends. I have succeeded in getting away every single weekend since my return with the exception of one. WOO ME! Weekend Getaway Ideas  for Ontario  here we go.

Between planning some of my own random trips, inviting myself over to friends homes and taking others up on offers I have managed to escape the concrete jungle and really see more of Ontario. This province truly is a beautiful place in the fall. I catch myself staring at wet leaves, seeing bark and branches in a different light and noticing how pretty the colour brown can be. Instagram has also been helping me out tremendously. I have found an awesome bunch of IG’ers (that’s what they are called I think???) who take amazing outdoor adventure photos. They make me insanely jealous but also keep my thirst for hiking and camping ‘fresh’ if you will.

Here is Nan spying on me. She loves my truck. We hop in it most days so she is ultra use to it now -for god sakes, she spent her first two days with me in that truck for over 10 hours a day! Not that surprised that she is super relaxed in it.

Metcalfe’s Rock this past weekend

I was talking with a friend tonight about a book she is reading The Conquest of Happiness by Bertrand Russell (1956 I think). There is a chapter about envy. Although this book was written over 50 years ago, the sentiments are incredibly true for my generation. Or maybe ‘my’ time? We were discussing how envious we are as a people (in North America anyways). Things like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Magazines and material objects (think cars, Iphones, hiking gear, heck anything!!!) are constant reminders of what other people have and you may not. We have become so incredibly focused on what others have and we perceive that we do not. Where did it all go wrong? Just yesterday, I was driving down to my apartment after spending the weekend up north and was thinking about where else I could go exploring. I started to think about how jealous I was of my friends who live out west (for what feels like the 100th time) and I stopped and had to say to myself “Hold up Meags, you have been doing TONS of cool stuff right here”. And it’s true. Sure, I would be lying if I didn’t say I am envious of others at times but the reality is that I am incredibly lucky to be able to get away most weekends with Nan in tow.

More Metcalfe’s Rock

This is just the local dog park but look how cute they are?!?! Speaking of ENVY. I have THE COOLEST DOGS.

Algonquin Park

Parry Sound (which I already posted about a week or two ago)

This next one is actually *just* High Park. But it is lovely – and my neighour so it deserves to be here.


Clarksburg. For a wedding. WOOT!


Out of order – ep! Algonquin Park again.


This is a funny one. My super duper friend took this when I took the above picture of Nan on her own (where you can see her green leash). How funny huh? Nan likes when I take her picture.



Caledon – Thanksgiving weekend



Me shooting a crossbow at Oktoberfest in Kitchener-Waterloo


Up on the ‘mountain’ outside of Metcalfe over the weekend





My sweet babe co-pilot. She isn’t much for conversation but she is the best darn pal a girl could ask for!


Bruce Trail off Airport Road north of Highway 9



Nan playing with my friend’s older pup – Jesse


Wow. I am envious of myself.

  • Such gorgeous photos!! Definitely looks like you are taking advantage of the fall…I need to do that more!

  • I totally agree with your points about envy. I feel that way all the time when it comes to my city and province, but then I’ll take our dog for a walk along the waterfront (a walk that is less five minutes from our house) and I realize how lucky I am to live here! I really think that where you live is what you make of it. Oh, and dogs are awesome for getting out and exploring with, no?

  • Farquist

    Again, more beautiful photos…

  • Lisaroy

    I’m envious of you too! There’s nothing I love more than hopping in my car and exploring Ontario and it was our favourite weekend thing to do – finding a new town, stopping for lunch at a cute mom and pop place. Dubai is so isolated and surrounded by sand and countries we can’t visit – I feel quite trapped.

  • how2home

    These pictures are amazing!

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