We All Need A Little More Dog In The Home

If you spoke to some of those who are ‘close’ to me they would probably tell you a weird, dirty little secret about moi: I am obsessed with dogs. Now, the fact that I put an apostrophe around the word close indicates that I have different definitions of the term close for humans and canines…I am overly close with my dogs. There – that’s my secret.  And it’s all true. We All Need A Little More Dog In The Home!

My Canadian and Irish loves

If you ever meet me in person and a dog walks by and I can’t seem to pay attention to you, don’t take it personally. Especially if it is a beagle. The world stops as far as I am concerned when I see a beagle. My love for beagles as gone as far as me fawning over other bloggers pictures of THEIR beagles, including:

The Wee LassWendel the Beagle (Wendel gets lots of picture love from his owner)

From The WildeBunty the Beagle  (yes Bunty has a Twitter account, doesn’t everyone?)

Life With A Beagle – Bella the Beagle (a whole blog about her for goodness sake!)

So what does this have to do with design and/or decor? I think we all need a little more dog in our homes….at least I do.

This wasn’t exactly what I was thinking by dog decor, as in a real dog as a piece of decor, but I thought it was a great way to start things off – a real beagle in a real beautiful home. Spotted here.

You have to get through Sheamie & Mojo first to love me, spotted here.

A lovely bright print above the bar, spotted here.

Ohhhhh awkward dog artwork, spotted here. Wondering where you could buy work by this artist? Know that there is a store in Toronto that sells it – contact me if you want more info.

Dog pillows and wallpaper! Spotted here.

Pattern sheet of sleeping dog, spotted here.

No clue what it is for but it is funny. Spotted here.

Adorable tray. Spotted here.

More doggy wallpaper, spotted here.

Wooden dogs, spotted here.

Vintage dog toy collection, spotted here.

I love this vintage lamp stand, a little creepy but cool at the same time. Spotted here.

Vintage greyhound poster, spotted here.



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  • Anonymous

    Love it, Meagan! Wendel thinks he’s a celeb now that he’s been mentioned on another blog. 😉

    Cheers for beagle love!

  • yay for beagles!!! our girl Pepper is almost 7. glad to see another pet lover out there in blogland… 🙂

  • Natty_Bean

    Hi ! can you find any more info for that blue and gray dog wallpaper ?! its a MUST for my nursery !

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  • I saw the dog wallpaper in a model home last weekend and I am dying to find it! I am OBSESSED with dogs too!