Waterton, Alderson Lake and Camping in Crandell – Roadtrip Journal

Arg. I just realized that I forgot to write the text for this post so I am going to get lazy about this and give you the quick run down, more shots from Waterton National Park, plus some more hiking pictures from the Alderson Lake trail. Camping in Crandell was nothing to write home about but was alright – flat and little tree coverage. By the time we got to the campground we didn’t really care though as we were dying from the Akamina Ridge hike. Before we set up for the night, we grabbed some sweet smokie hot dogs from Wieners of Waterton. We loved it so much we went back the next day for round #2. Awesome dogs, effing amazing sweet potato fries and free fountain pop to boot. Who doesn’t love a free root beer with your hot dog?


They had these cool tee pees in Crandell.


I made the best fire ever. Also, I got to use my homemade fire starters which was kinda fun. They worked like a charm and helped keep the bugs away.


Want to make your own firestarters for camping? Super easy. I made two different styles – pinecone and egg carton. In the end, I think the egg carton version won for most effective in terms of firestarting… But the pinecone ones are so much prettier.

Waterfall in Waterton town – right at the bottom of the Alderson Lake trail.


Great viewpoint/perspective of Waterton from the trail. If you are not a big hiker and but want some sweet pictures, I advise hitting up this trail to this lookout. It’s only 15 minutes up the trail from the road.


At Alderson Lake.



At the viewpoint again.


On the way home.


Cows being herded beside the road. Pretty cool. Cows, collies and cowboys.





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  • Wow im honestly so jealous of your trip. This looks like an amazing road trip!