Vintage Suitcases Minus The Travel Hassle and Bustle

Don’t worry, you don’t have to lug these vintage suitcases up and down stairs, onto plans, into cabs or flop onto your hotel room floor. These ones are here to stay, here to be admired for what they were – in all their former glory. Here are some stunning vintage suitcases, minus the travel pains:

These ones could be yours! Spotted here.

Great height as a side table, don’t you think? Spotted here.

They would look so lovely in their collective little group in a living room – spotted here.

Fully embracing their new lives, spotted here (original source unknown).

All stacked up and looking so fitting in this vignette. Original source unknown, spotted here.

A quiet little friend under the table, spotted here (although not the original source).

Love the way this one looks, but just ignore the gal standing with it! She isn’t included. Spotted here.

For your lipstick and trinkets, spotted here.

Spotted here, original source unknown. P.S. why do I always fall for vignettes? GUH! Interior designers – your trick works everytime!

Now I hadn’t thought about trunks, that opens up a WHOLE other world of travel needs – considering all my Trans-Atlantic travel I should really procure some trunks of my own. So clever. Spotted here.

So now you see why I said “vintage suitcases minus the travel hassle” right? Imagine those days when you were travelling and you would have to lug those bags up and down stairs, onto trains and from the station to your house? Now you can retire those cumbersome suitcases to a more relaxed lifestyle of some R & R for all their years of ‘service’.


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  • I have a weakness for old suitcases, I do have one – in the attic! We are all swopping bedrooms soon (because we inherited a huge wardrobe that won’t fit in our bedroom so the spare bedroom and bathroom is being rejigged, we are moving in there and our son is going to have our room and use our very sloping walk in wardrobe as his playroom!) and then I will find somewhere to put my old suitcase, don’t think it is as smart as any of those though!
    Have a lovely weekend, Lorna