Wish We Were Setting Out in a Vintage Caravan

Caravan is a term not often used in North America, terms like Campervans, Trailers, Motor homes and the like are more common. In Europe, it’s caravans. I have a fantasy that we will motor around Ireland in a vintage caravan for a few weeks. Take the dog, have fires, camp, cook ourselves and see lots of nooks and crannies around Ireland. More and more you hear about glamping (for those of you not in the know, that’s glamorous camping!), caravaning also seems to pop up. Might I even say that I think it is ‘cool’ to caravan again. Or at least people are talking about it – which must mean something.

So for you today – some silly caravans. The good, the bad, the ugly.

p.s. We are off to Donegal this week – the beautiful hills of Donegal where my mother was born so maybe next time I travel there we will be cozied up in a caravan 🙂

This old gal even has been named Constance! How sweet, spotted here.

Beach side with party lights. Oh ya! Spotted here.

You can even have friends over for tea and cupcakes! Spotted here.

Dare I say this one is my ideal colour scheme? Must be destiny. Spotted here.

Look how cozy and modern it is in this caravan!!! That is brilliant. And reassuring frankly. Spotted here.

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