Leigh has been reading my cards for years. What started as a fun girls night activity where she would practice her reading skills has evolved into a beautiful coupling of two practices she loves: tarot reading and yoga. When one of your closest pals is incredibly talented and asks if she can ‘practice’ on you, there really isn’t any hesitation. Very recently, Leigh Nash launched Crown Yoga + Tarot. CROWN YOGA + TAROT = UNION:

crown yoga tarot website

It is actually a little unnerving how time and time again, Leigh’s readings for me have been incredibly accurate, caused me to pause and consider my life. I can’t even begin to tell you how many ‘aha!’ moments I have had with her over the past two years!

I have little or no knowledge of my readers’ interest in tarot, but it is something I am very interested in and open to. Not as a black and white, hard reality, truth seeking device but more as a novel and interesting perspective, heightened awareness to my past, present and future and well… it’s just fun, guys!

So fun. Especially with Leigh. Crown Yoga + Tarot, Union, is a beautiful project that Leigh has just shared with the world. And since I have this blog, I asked her if I could share my experience of having my Union Reading completed.

 Union reading Crown Studio

Leigh uses the stunning The Wild Unknown deck (these could be stand alone art pieces). You can actually buy enlarged prints/drawings.

Image: The Wild Unknown

I was one of Leigh’s early guinea pigs (or I guess we say “adopters” now right? So digital) so that she could test out her newly developed business idea on me and tweak it as need (side note: it was perfect). It was exciting although truly, I had no idea what to expect. Leigh is good at keeping secrets. That’s why she has all of mine locked in there.

The day my reading popped in my inbox, I was shocked. It’s not that I didn’t expect it to amazing and enlightening – but it was visually beautiful. My description was easy to read. Clear, concise text was accompanied by uncluttered headers and images.

Each bit was masterfully described (well she is a writer and publisher after all) and I was walked step-by-step through my personalized reading (based on a simple questionnaire I did online) and an eight-step illustrated sequence.

What I loved is first Leigh describes “my yoga” and what each position is for and then illustrates and describes the sequences in detail. So easy for me to do at home! As Leigh says on her website, “This sequence is designed to complement your tarot reading by aligning body and mind with inner truth.”

yoga sequence Crown Yoga + Tarot

Mindfulness is a practice that has been worming it’s way more and more into my life. In my work with children, mindfulness has become more and more predominant and supported by those working in classrooms. It brings a new level of awareness and stillness to little ones’ busy lives.

We (health professionals) know how big of an impact Mindfulness can have and observed the amazing outcomes. Leigh touches upon how this integration of yoga and tarot really brings your mindfulness for your own body and inner being to a new level. I couldn’t agree more.

What I love most about Leigh’s work is her attention to detail, desire to create something that is truly unique and only for you. I am so honored and thrilled for Leigh and so proud to say she is one of my best friends.

I encourage everyone to go and check out Crown Yoga + Tarot, not just because she is a pal but because she is a wonderful human being who has followed her dreams and is now sharing her talents with the world! Lucky us. Leigh has kindly offered a special reduced rate for Row House Nest readers for the next 4 weeks! Take advantage and use the code: rowhousenest15 to receive $15 OFF! Wow! So for the next month you can receive a personalized Union Reading from Leigh (Yoga + Tarot).

 Thanks Leigh! XOXO

By the way, if you are into horoscopes and tarot – and that sort of thing, I love the Numinous.

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  • This is quite interesting! I love tarot readings but paired with yogo this is just awesome yet so different. Might have to take you up on this offer. Thanks for sharing:)

    • So glad to introduce you Sabrina! A very unique service. Have a great weekend

  • Heather – New House New Home

    Cool! it’s been years since I had my cards read….

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