Two Toned Wonder Walls

When I was in my second year of University I moved out of residence into the big bad student ghetto. Somehow my girlfriend and I ended up with the teeniest, smallest rooms in the house while the other two girls declared the large master and finished basements to be theirs. Fair? No. What did I do? Paint my pint sized room a bright sunfire orange colour. I am pretty sure it was a reaction to the stifling lack of personality that dorm rooms had… Anyways – what the hell does this have to do with two toned walls? WELL the next summer – those two gals moved out (yeah!) and I took the large master. I guess I must have been looking at paints and came across a Martha Stewart paint idea booklet where they had painted a bathroom in two colours. I loved it. I did it. Myself. With masking tape. Seriously!!! Ha… Ever since then, I’m hooked. I love the look. And it isn’t THAT hard to do yourself (I wish I had photographic evidence!!!). Two Toned Wonder Walls here we go.

So the short version of the above story? I love two toned walls.

Farrow & Ball do some very cool inspiration rooms to show off their paints. Spotted here.

The soft peach colour with the white – dreamy and simple.

Spotted here.

Look at how fun this playroom is… Everything is better when it’s half half (then you don’t have to decide to like ONE thing best *says the highly indecisive individual*)

Bliss spotted here.

How about this for two toned – and big FAT strip of teal?!? Genius.

Spotted here.

Love this grey background. Original source unknown.

This picture isn’t far off from my original 2003 inspiration! Crazy. Spotted here.

Love the split of this dining room. Spotted here.

French home with lots of colour – including the pink with white – love that the white is on the bottom…with a little yellow line dividing it up. Spotted here.

A close up:

And here.

And for something else two toned…

Something sweet! Spotted here

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  • Igor Josifovic

    It is a brave and creative approach to wall painting. It not only adds visual interest but also plays with the perception of room heights. Interesting option for somewhat bigger spaces.

  • Love love love the grey, amazing colour blocking and amazing space!

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