Tripped. Spring in Northern Ireland

March and April are fantastic months to visit Ireland as the weather is generally much nicer than other times of the year. It’s mild, rains slightly less than usual and somedays it’s even sunny! I had fantastic weather overall and could not imagine a better week away. I really miss Belfast – or maybe I miss the quietness of the life I had there as my job gets more and more stressful (I am using my own calming techniques as much as possible but not sure if it’s helping!). Spring in Northern Ireland:

Regardless, getting back felt great and I got to do lots of fantastic things! Here is my trip back, summed up in collages:

The above pictures are from Delamont Park on the Strangford Lough. One of our favourite places for walking the ever adorable Mojo. B & I played a horrible trick on her when I got back. I hid in the laundry room behind a large stand up freezer, so when she came into the room she puttered about smelling things and then noticed me after about 5 seconds! Her face lit up and she jumped on top of me. I don’t think she could believe her eyes.

Obviously we fell back in with each other instantly. She didn’t take long to return to her old sucky tricks.

Belfast city center was looking super awesome on Tuesday evening… I got these super duper Beagle Joules wellie boots for my birthday and spent lots of time in front of the fire!

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  • Krista @ Nook of Wellington

    Just seeing this post now, sounds like a great trip! I’d love to go on a Celtic adventure one of these days myself! Hope that relaxation stays with you for a while… stupid daily grind… 🙂