Traveling Essentials

Yup – I am off. Outta here. Adios amigos. But before I go, I thought I would share some of my favourite items and clothes for traveling (I seem to do a lot of traveling on my own) which makes it all a little more comfortable and far less painful experience…

Check out my Polyvore link to see the sources for all this cool-great stuff!

I once read a magazine article about somebody who travels a lot (wish I could remember who it was) and she recommended wearing Mavi Serena jeans for flying. Dear random lady – I love you. I really like my Serena stretchy awesome skinny jeans for flying. Sunglasses, large bag, pretty Stila lipgloss and my favourite perfume also traveling musts for me. I have a ritual of wearing a favourite piece of jewelry (hey! If I go down I might as well be wearing something I love, right?). Bring a big massive scarf that can double as a blanket, pillow, or head wrap (I cover my eyes when it is too bright and I am trying to sleep). I am not sure why but I also always paint my nails before I travel. Makes me feel better and much more polished. Comfy shoes. That come off and on easily (flying through lots of high security airports like London Gatwick would make any traveler heavily consider the ease of getting their shoes off and on 8x in a row).

Anyways – I’m gone. For awhile. XO

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  • Shannon8foot6

    Wait a second!!!
    Aren’t you a mom? How did you get travel perks? I so need to renegotiate my employment contract with my men! 🙂

    I can’t wait to getaway this year! Three trips planned.

    One day I will get to travel solo again! For now I’m more than happy to explore with my little guys and husband!

  • Shannon8foot6

    Ok forget that comment!
    I just got all excited!

    I live for travelling (thrifting my way around the World) and I’m craving some alone time!!!! I love my kids but I honestly cant wait until I get a time out!!!!