Traveled. Places I have been

When I see other people’s travel pictures, especially awesome pictures on Pinterest and Instagram, I always feel jealous. Then I remember that I have been to some pretty sweet places too. Near and far.

Algonquin Park (one of my absolute favourites spots in the world).

 This next photo is also Algonquin. My dad took it early one morning a few years ago.

Georgian Bay.

Niagara Falls.

The Scarborough Bluffs (don’t ask me how we ended up there one night).

What was shocking was all the weird ‘stuff’ on the beach. I took pictures. The bluffs are incredibly cool up close, too. (Torontonians, go check them out! They are crumbling away daily.)

Chicago. (loved loved loved!)

Who doesn’t get a pic of the BEAN!?! It’s amazing.

There were lots of amazing pictures from Chicago… (even through glass!)

Bonny Scotland.

(This was my favourite picture from my time in Edinburgh.)


No Big Deal – am just hanging out, off of Princes Street in Edinburgh… Flipping my flop.

Then there was the Rome/Amalfi Coast trip.

A picture from inside one of my favourite restaurants in Italy.



Lisbon, Portugal (which I posted about in more detail here).

Obviously Ireland.

Birmingham, England (in a nutshell).

Christmas Market in Manchester was sweet. Especially because of our company.

The Florence trip… And Cinque Terre. Obvi. (For more details head here and here).

A legendary meal in our weird room.

Local basil and pesto (ahhhh fresh stuff is amazing and addictive) with roma tomatoes, lettuce, bocconcini cheese and meats. This is the stuff dreams are made of.

Florence at night, with a bottle of Chianti that we picked up during a wine tour that day? NBD.

I included Georgian Bay earlier so I should throw Kawartha Lakes in there too.

And more recently, Cuba.

So there were a few other trips here and there in the past 3 years as well (all of these are from 2009 to present) but this post is getting way too long for anyone’s attention span these days.

As a little secret, I am going to be having lots and lots more ‘travel’ pictures for you very shortly! Happy Summer Friends! XO

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  • Lindsey

    These are beautiful shots. What a fabulous roundup of your travels. Must have brought back good memories.

  • Your secrecy is killing me! Spill, girl, spill!

    And, now you make me want to pack my bags and travel. Lovely photos!

  • Nicole Panacci

    Gorgeous pictures! All your trips sound lovely!

  • LOVE all your photos…omgosh we’ve been itching to go on a vacation but we’ve been so busy this summer. Glad you had a great time though 🙂

  • Stunning.