Transitions From Fall to Winter – WINTER DIY Roundup.

There. I went there. It’s post Halloween. Pre-snow filled streets. Holiday music has started in some stores (or so I’ve heard). I need to wear a hat and mitts to walk the dog. So basically it is now officially ‘okay’ to start with winter-ish themed DIY projects. Whether you agree or not, there are some amazing projects making the rounds on social media right now. It has been AGES since I have done a DIY roundup – especially a themed one, so I thought I would get into the winter mood and tip my hat to some fun projects out there right now.

Adore this simple, naturey placecard holder idea from the folks at Martha

From Martha Stewart

I love the simplicity of this wreath – it doesn’t overly do the ‘holiday’ look.

Found it on My Shabby Chic House

I would love to do this type of thing but put my own spin on it. Maybe do gold glitter on dark natural pinecones or alternate natural with white?

Spotted on Eco Home Source

These little fella’s remind me of my grandmother so much it hurts.

Spotted on Decor 4 All but doubt that is the original source.

Don’t feel like going too far out of your way? Just take your ornaments and hanging them up like a banner. I obviously love the vintagey look.

This is from a magazine obviously but not sure which. Any takers?

These clay feathers are amazing

From the Gilded Hare

I really love how these bottles look – a bit dangerous though?

No original source.

Glitter animals are always cute.

Spotted on Sweet Paul

Make your own wreath!

From Martha Stewart

Love anything vintage. So of course I love this truck idea.

Spotted on Vintage Junky

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