The To Do Lists Never End

I am not quite sure what part of my personality makes me continually obsessed with getting the apartment decorated ASAP but it has become a little intrusive. At times, I even feel slightly ‘unbalanced’. I am always thinking about it. There is a small part of me that wonders if it is the influence of being a ‘blogger’ {I still feel weird saying that most of the time}. The constant feeling of the need to generate content or write. I stress about getting my apartment ‘just so’. But to be honest, although I do know the blog definitely influences my timelines to some degree, I have always been like this. Hence the ‘Nest’ part of my blog name. Every single time I have moved into a new place – whether it was my first University off-campus room with my pals (painted bright golden yellow with orange accents friends!!!) to my previous home in Ireland (god that feels like ages ago), I have always striven to make my living arrangements a home, no matter how temporary. Small, big, medium. No matter the size, I feel like I am in a race with myself. I am constantly making to do lists… and frankly, the to do lists never end for me.

Want to see the inner workings of my mind?

row house nest

Take that bloggers who have beautiful hand writing! My scribbly chicken scratch style is all me!

 The blog world doesn’t necessarily help either – I lust after other bloggers homes who seem to be able to decorate a room in their home in a rapid fire approach while it takes me months. No jokes. Months. My decorating ‘budget’ also interferes with my ability to go out and just ‘buy’ my desired contents in a weekend. I wish. My approach this time around is to decorate room by room and to focus my energy in one place at one time. But ultimately I have been slowly squirreling away different things for different rooms in the house as I find them. Which isn’t the most effective approach…. But it’s difficult when I find a second-hand item or come by a piece of furniture naturally (like that sweet teak cabinet my mom found curbside!).

row house nest walnut mid century cabinet

I have to jump. I can’t hope another one will come around. I have ‘piles’ everywhere, well mostly in our basement storage. Every week I make a new ‘To Do’ list slowly checking off small projects while some of the biggies sit there (LIKE THE SOFA SAGA). I actually felt like crying last night when a Kijiji find didn’t work out. Like, it was THAT devastating. I really need to catch a grip.

Curious to know what the sofa in question looked like? Needs some massive love to come back from this….

rosewood and leather sofa

Don’t get me wrong, I know it needs work. That is 40 years of family living and loving you are looking at there. You can’t even see the  broken straps that provide the support to the cushions. Leather needed to be reconditioned. Rosewood needed to be sanded and oiled. It was going to be an intense project. But I had a vision. But the seller wouldn’t budge on the price. And here’s what kills me about that. They were a well-to-do, retired couple. They told me they had owned it since the 1970’s. They sat the shit out of this sofa for 40 odd years and they still wanted big bucks for it. Like REALLY? I just couldn’t rationalize it. And there was a matching chair. In worse condition. FJF)_(#_E$R(WFDLAK I NEED TO MOVE ON.

I know that ultimately in the end, all this stress of the waiting game…the un-intentional slow movement approach…. It will pay off. The end product will  be my home. This time around I want a harmonious vibe from room to room while each having it’s own personality. With so much inspiration in real life and online inspiration, my style has evolved so much over the years. It just quietly happened. The weird thing now is I am hyper-focused on there being continuity and flow. I use to just buy anything I liked and put it in a room together. Which is fine when you are 24. But I am not 24 anymore. I know I can achieve my desired ‘look’, I just need to give my home and myself time.

 I am definitely living a case of the Monday’s over here. Ollie got it right with this one:

Ollie the cat Row House Nest


P.S. I bought this silly pink pom pom peace pillow not knowing what to do with it and know what? It’s the most perfect non-cat bed anyone could wish for. And she likes it. Because she thinks it isn’t a cat bed. So I won this round cat.



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