The Dutch know how to do it: Tas-ka

An old friend of mine from the Netherlands introduced me to Tas-ka blog when we shared The Row House Nest with her… It is a Dutch run blog written in English (lucky us!). The blog is a means for the shop owners to communicate what they are up to at in their design company. The owners, Jantien Baas and Hester Worst describe Tas-ka “you will find clothing, fashion- and living accessories and textile designs. We also have our own webshop and just opened a store in The Hague. On this blog we want to show everyone the things we like and do.”

We love introducing people to new blogs! Here are some of our favourites things we found on Tas-Ka!

Pillows from the webshop

From a home they furnished

From one of the authors brothers and his wife (talent obviously runs in the family)

From the Tas-ka shop

From the webshop

From the webshop


Want to see more or to contact Tas-ka yourself?




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