The Black Hole of Winter

I fell into it. The black hole of the Canadian winter. It’s been weeks since I have posted – the crickets were only getting louder. Life has been speeding forward -there has been snow (relative to past winters anyways), weekends away, lots of walks around the hood, trips planned (HEY Costa Rica & Nicaragua , I can’t wait to meet ‘cha). But little blog activity.

My apartment is coming along but not quite share worthy yet. It feels crowded, no art had been hung and Nan and I are still trying to figure out how to make 400 square feet feel bigger. It is still at the embarrassing stage. OK? I said it.

But I have been doing stuff. Some stuff anyways.


Nan use to not be allowed on the bed. EVER. Then she got bigger… and I got weaker. I couldn’t resist the odd bed cuddle. Which turned into a morning ritual of her jumping on the bed for a cuddle… Then it all went downhill. We are bedmates now. She adores my wool blanket.


Winter cottaging. I highly recommend it.



 Nan looks like a coyote here. Maybe she is a coyote. A super loving one. And who is that lovely pup herding her? It’s Momo. Go check him out here. He is a clever monkey with a very talented photographer for a dad. 





Even funnier? Here is a picture of moi – caught ‘gramming the above image.



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