Teal And White Dresser

Teal – well actually it’s Garbardine. Why let me tell you – Garbardine is the name of the odd dark teal-ish/grey/slate colour I picked to paint my new dresser… Wikipedia tells me that garbardine means “..a tough, tightly woven fabric used to make suitsovercoatstrousersuniformswindbreakers, and other garments.” Collective “Ohhhh of course.” It all makes more sense. When my mother saw the colour, she remarked, “That’s a very vintage-y looking colour.” I obviously smiled. I didn’t intend for it to look like that but basically it is perfectly me. It fits in with my other colour ‘likes’ right now: burnt reddish/orange/coral, brown, mustard yellow, dark wood….Behold, my teal and white dresser.

So what’s the back story? I have been searching Kijiji for a new dresser for ages… Like months. To no avail. Nada. Nothing. Except a bunch of over-priced, ugly pieces of furniture. Then one day, a nice, solid looking wood dresser popped up. I wrote – she responded. I picked it up the next day. It was the perfect Kijiji exchange. Except the pictures were a wee bit flattering. The dresser was in worse shape than the pictures had led me to believe – but it wasn’t a problem, I had already planned on painting it. I had originally wanted to go with the ombre look. Something like this (but with different shades of gray):

teal ombre dresser diyImage from Nol 

I love the way it looks… But I was worried that straight up teal and blues would look either (1) too childish or (2) too feminine. So I thought, right, I’ll go gray…

Then I got to Home Depot. Buying 4 tubs of paint to paint one drawer seemed like a silly decision. So instead, I decided on white for the exterior (Behr, Frost: 1857), and Gabardine for the drawers (Martha Stewart: MSL271). Before I painted it with those colours, I gave her several coats of Para Ultra furniture paint.

Sadly I forgot to take true before pictures (and the ad got taken down immediately, doh!).

painting a dresser yourselfBeing primed and covering up all the scars of living in a student dorm.

how to prime a dresserGetting some colour involved.

how to paint a dresser Progress. And my weird feet. I always thought my feet weren’t that odd but looking at this image, they are weird. I shall not tell you what my friends call them (no one effin comment or else!).

how many coats when painting a dresser

Isn’t the colour awesome? So glad I picked it.

teal dresser

First coat! ZING!

So now I am just going to jump to the final product because I lack patience.

vintage dresser

Handles up close.

row house nest diy projects

The inspiration for the colour choice actually came from a colour that is in my sweet Italian wool blanket that I bought in the winter.

teal wool pattern

I love my blanket. I really really love it. So much so, that I hate putting it out on my bed, for fear one of the pets will get fur all over it. I hate that. So instead I just keep it apart. And pull it out when I know they won’t be coming in. Maybe I am going to be one of those gramma’s who puts plastic on my favourite pieces of furniture (no way but wouldn’t that be funny?).

teal and white dresser

Since iPhone pictures aren’t always the best images (although they are the EASIEST to snap), I also took some with my poor camera (who is sadly neglected most days).

teal drawers dresser

updating a Craigslist find

mustard against white and teal

easy update dresser

This project was easy peasy lemon squeezy. And super affordable. And I know it will grow with me (I have this fear of painting something and a year later wishing it wasn’t that colour anymore)…So what do you think of my teal and white dresser?

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  • Kristin

    This is awesome! I love your inspiration and the way you contrasted the drawers. It’s a truly unique piece!!

  • Lora Banks

    Nice job! Would you mind coming by sometime to redo EVERY PIECE OF FURNITURE IN MY HOUSE? Thanks!

  • Sheila

    Really nice, Meagan. The gabardine colour is awesome… gabardine fabric, um, not so much!

  • Looks great. I love the colour!!

  • Michelle

    Loved the colors on the dresser. I also loved the crochet blanket. I would like to know where you got it or did you make that yourself? Beautiful colors as well. Goes nicely with the rest of the color scheme. Let me know about the blanket.
    Thanks mdavis@csupomona.edu

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