Take Me To A Log Cabin, please.

Is it odd that although I would love to have a home in the city, I crave a cottage even more? Seriously, where are my priorities? Not sure where I left them but I should relocate them soon enough, not to worry. I would love to get my hands on an old fixer up cabin in the woods. Take Me To A Log Cabin, please.

Awesome. To keep me warm at night. Spotted here.

It isn’t helping that I am reading a Tom Thomson biography mostly about his time in Algonquin Park. The nightly descriptions of Winnifred Trainor’s family cottage, Canoe Lake, painting the seasons and spending spare time fishing, canoeing and wandering around Canoe Lake. How ideal is that? Maybe not your ideal, but definitely mine. I already have my outfits planned. If you aren’t convinced yet, maybe some of these rustic cottage country images will get you going!

 That is the lovely cottage of the owners of Mjolk. Remember when I interviewed them? That was so cool… Then I saw them in House and Home, I felt like the biggest dork ever. I cannot believe they even entertained my stupid questions while they were being written up by House and Home. Like REALLY? Anyways. Cottage images from here.

Because I am a nerd, I took pictures of the June 2011 “Budget Issue” of House and Home to share Mjolk’s piece with you all….As always, pictures of pictures are always fairly ghetto but bear with me…

So are you lusting for their cottage too? Doesn’t it look so freakin’ hip?

Now for some more lust worthy cottages in the woods….

That would be ideal in the winter wouldn’t it? Cozy as cozy can be with all those blankets and furs around. Spotted here.

Bunk beds are very necessary for when you invite lots of friends up to stay over – and it makes for late night secret whispers. “What’s that noise?”, “It sounds like wolves howling“, “It is.” Spotted here.

Although I think the furniture is far too modern in this cottage, I love the fireplace, canoe and canoe mimicking canoe artwork! Little fun fact, on the side of the canoe is a picture of a maple leaf! He he. Spotted here.

Undoubtedly my pantry would look something like this if I had a cabin, spotted here.

Lots of lovely horsey things, spotted here.

Knick knacks and paddywacks would be common at chez Meagan cottage. Spotted here.

Cozy cozy cozy. Original source not located but found via here.

Ahhhh lots of good books to read when you get rained or snowed in! My dream! Spotted here but that is not the original source.

Yes yes yes yes yes. Spotted here.

Rustic kitchen. Spotted here.

I wouldn’t really want to do work at the cottage but if I was living there for an extended period I guess I would have to… But how would I send information? Carrier pigeon? Spotted here.

Ok I just need to stop there – I could keep going on posting more and more pictures of log cabins and lovely interiors all day, which I am sure you are not interested in! Hope you enjoyed my little peek at some lovely cottages.

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  • Rose M

    You can give me a log cabin any day of the year. That whole wooden thing seriously works for me. I think that the natural-ness ( new word) is what I find so appealing and alluring. I would imagine that cleaning is kept to a minimum as the dirt can surely be less visible. Not to talk of the ‘cosy-ness’ . Cabins and reading – yes. Some thing Ralph Lauren about cabins with blue and white( or even tartan for that matter).