Take Me Back To Edinburgh!

Way back before I lived in Belfast, B and I lived in Edinburgh for a stint. Those were the days! I was still riding high on the “I am going to work in the UK and it’s going to be so cool” train… I had just left Canada and Edinburgh welcomed me open arms. It was a great city to live in. READ: I loved it. Beautiful buildings/architecture, a cosmopolitan feel, history at every corner (ah hello, there is a castle in their downtown quarter!), nature at your doorstep (ever climb the mountains in Holyrood Park?) and a great transit system (not many cities in the UK can boast that). I spent my days wandering around the free museums, doing tours of historic houses, drinking coffee in cafes, reading books and exploring the city. Needless to say, I really fell for Edinburgh. And I am obviously still thinking about it. I thought it might be fun to post pictures of my own from my time there for something a little different.

This picture sums up my summer in Scotland. It rained – pretty much everyday. The most consecutive hours of sunshine at one time? 2 hours. NO JOKE. I drank a lot of tea and got use to wearing a waterproof jacket everywhere.

This was a bunny figurine from my Grandmothers house – which I transported to Scotland – then to Belfast and back to Toronto. Sadly, a few days after we got back to Toronto in August – someone knocked her and her tall ears broke (sad face).

There was one sunny day so I took a picture to document it, as you do. I spent the entire time (2 hours) sunning myself in one of the parks off Princes Street. Hard to imagine I know.

Here is a picture I snapped of a more realistic postcard from the UK.

Anyways, blah blah me blah blah me. Here are some amazing things to be found in Scotland:

Samuel Sparrow is an upstanding gentlemen and all around nice guy. He runs an online shop, Sparrow & Co, with his partner Laura and their baby Rowan. All around beautiful products. Make sure to check out their range of merchandise.

Check out this chair by Scottish designer Gavin Robertson

I absolutely love this Scottish wool blanket, sadly I think its sold.

Spotted here.

Look how pretty these awesome Shetland Bookbinders are…

Spotted here.

Deer. Lots of deer in Scotland.

Orwell and Goode

Ok that’s it for now – I am positive there are tons and tons of beautiful Scottish based crafters, artists and shop owners that I should be giving some love to right now but I’ve lost my patience – I have a rant to make – I don’t know what it is about the UK/Scotland/Ireland but many businesses or entrepreneurs are in a complete time vortex there and don’t seem to be online or have the right SEO. It is really really hard to find small independent shops and people based in Ireland and Scotland on the internet. It drives me mental. So I give up for tonight. But I apologize for not being more patient and spending more time searching high and low for them – I know they are out there. If you are one – email me!


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  • Igor Josifovic

    Edinburgh is top on my wish itinerary:-) Can’t wait to find time to explore this city and Scotland in general. Thanks for a very personal insight! Igor xoxo

    • Igor – We’d love to have you in Scotland.
      Meagan – Thank you for the mention.

      Samuel x

  • Sheila @SZInteriors

    Oooo, love that chair! …and the thought of a castle in the middle of downtown. How cool is that?

  • Brian_lecky

    Ah yes, the optimism was palpable back in Bonnie Scotland.