Sweet And Spicy Wedding Favors

As the wedding planning unfolded, James and I knew there would be certain things that we had to spend the bulk of our wedding budget on (photography, food/alcohol). As a DIY blogger, I was determined to do-it-myself (DIM) as much as possible and making our own wedding favors was one of the first things on our list. We wanted to create something special and meaningful to us while gifting something others would enjoy. Anyone who knows James and I knows that we are obsessed with spicy things. We add spice to almost all meals. Add to that James’ insatiable sweet tooth? It was an easy decision. Our favors would take a cue from our lives and be: Sweet and Spicy Wedding Favors. Hot sauce and Honey.

hot sauce and honey wedding favors

Paired with a DIY sign: “Are you sweet or spicy?” question to our guests. We also re-used a sign from Roselie’s wedding letting guests know to help themselves. You can find mini chalkboards like ours here and a white chalk pen as well.

DIY honey wedding favor

This simple wedding DIY was perfect for us, as it not only stayed within our tight financial budget, we could also prepare it all well in advance. Using 250ml canning jars from Bernardin, we were able to create 80 handmade gifts for our guests to choose from. Based on the costs of the jar and the honey & hot sauce, we were able to create a single favor for under $4 a piece.

calligraphy labels wedding favor

Photo by me.

I sourced ‘thank you’ stickers from The Paper Place on Queen West due to time constraints, but you can order these cute ones online. I also really liked these ones:

All told, our favors cost around $350 CAD to create.

DIY wedding favors

Cute random fact? The honey came from The Honey House in Clarksburg, Ontario. I use to live up north as a child and we were neighbours with the honey family! I called Kerry and arranged to pick up the honey over the summer. Kerry’s father was a bee keeper and he passed the business down to her. So amazing to catch up with her. Another nice fact, Bernardin is also Canadian!

make your own wedding favors

On a scale of 1 to 5 for difficulty and ease, this project was a 1. It was low stress and easy to execute. All you need is Bernardin jars, labels, and to decide what you want to fill your jars with. Homemade jams, relishes, pickles and other consumables. I love favors that can be used or consumed. Also, giving your guests a choice is always a good idea. We knew most guests would like honey but hot sauce is not to everyone’s taste. If we had been doing something solely for ourselves, we probably would have only done the hot sauce. One little thing to note, Ontario had a bad ‘pepper year’ meaning that the local crops of jalapenos and peppers in general were very limited, making finding local hot sauce very difficult and expensive. When considering what you want to fill your jars with, contact local sellers and makers and ask what their season has been like! I highly recommend thinking about things you love. Some wisdom: gift something you would love to receive. And truly, if that thing isn’t the guests’ favorite? They can pass it onto a family member or friend afterwards. Canning the honey or hot sauce in a small reusable jar makes it easy to transport and use again in the future.

simple DIY wedding favors

We accessorized the favor table with a vintage crate, vintage lace and vintage glass bottles with fresh eucalyptus in them.

DIY honey wedding favor

All photography by the wonderful Alex Neary of WildEyed Photography unless otherwise stated.

jars Toronto

Photo by me.

In case you want to know specifically what type of jars we used, I picked the wide mouth, Elegant Mason Jars. They are a little larger than most wedding favor jars (most people seem to use 125ml) but I wanted my guests to get a substantial amount of honey and hot sauce.

*Note: The jars featured in this post were kindly offered to us by Bernardin. The opinions and text are all mine. Don’t worry! We only write about brands we love!

All photos by Alex Neary of Wild Eyed Photography with the exception of those noted as being taken by me!

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  • i love honey and I got a jar from a wedding once and I was like “best. gift. ever.”. The honey was made from her dad’s beehives too! 🙂

    I think the hot sauce is a great idea. Steak rub would be an easy idea too!

    • Thanks Casey! Our idea stemmed from a similar experience James had! He loved the honey he got once.