Sunbeams Are Magical

And can absolutely transform a room. And transform a mood. And a day. And a lot more. Sunbeams Are Magical.

Spotted on Fob’s Flickr.

Sunlight is a free home accessory. Enjoy!

Spotted on Alice Lane.

Spotted on Perfectly Imperfect.

Spotted on Blog Hola Mama

Spotted on Vogue Living.

Spotted on Elle Decor.

Spotted on Emily Hendersen. PSST – I have a girl crush on her. That’s all.

Spotted on Sweet Studio Sweet – office of Sophie Schellekens jewelry designer (Sunken Treasure) {side note, I have posted this image before. I absolutely love everything about it}

Original source unknown but spotted Pinterest.

Spotted in Ideat.

Spotted in Rue Magazine.

Spotted on Design*Sponge.

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  • Igor Josifovic

    I agree, sunbeams are magical! I think this is one of the most important interior design factors – natural light. NOTHING, and I mean NOTHING beats natural light in interiors. Have a happy week!

  • Beautiful picture Meagan, one just has to ensure that one has dusted and has clean windows to fully appreciate though 🙂

  • The sunlight brings to mind that spring is on it’s way…. even though we have not had much of a winter….yet as it may hit! Yes all the way with the dusting…. as it sure spotlights it if you have not. But I guess we should have anyway. Thank you for the gorgeous pictures. I love them all… but the nursery with the map outlined is what I want in our grandsons room. It is fun and childlike without being childish. Oh yes the dog yet another favourite… I miss the sound of our dogs nails on the hardwood floor….

  • What a great idea for a post, Meagan! And right now the sun is shining, but it’s windy c.o.l.d. outside! I was just saying to my hubby yesterday that I’m ready for a little sunshine. Who knew your post would deliver just that! I love the photos, and my favorites are the Alice Lane, Elle Decor, Pinterest, and Design Sponge shots. These ones are really make’n me feel the sunshine love!