Summer Rafting

Summer Rafting

My favourite park for rafting.

I am going to let you in on a little secret term my friends and I use to describe sitting in the park in the summer – we call it rafting…. It essentially involves grabbing a big old blanket, a cooler, cold beers, some snacks for good measure and heading to your local city park. We set up camp, play games, laugh our butts off and I usually wear a straw hat. That bit is unimportant though!

Since I am back in my hometown and dying to catch up with old friends, I have been thinking a lot about rafting! Here’s what you will need to pull together your own rafting party with your friends –

ImagesBlanket, berries, cooler, glasses, hat, and beer.

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  • i wanna go rafting *cries*

    • Anonymous

      Well come visit then!!! In the summer though! Has to be summer or early fall

  • Brian_lecky

    I miss rafting, and Trinity, and gorevale but most of all, you. xo