Summer DIY’s

Not sure if everyone has clued into it yet, but I have summers off. Not only do I have one of the best job’s in the world, I also have amazing (by Northern American standards) holidays. I spent most of July running errands, getting to my pre-crastination list and doing things I had wanted to do for ages. And beyond that, camping, races to get to (Nan and I lead busy lives as full time cheerleaders) and friends weddings. Now that all that is winding down, I have a few do it yourself projects I have been mulling over. Ever since I did the blog make over (I am not sure what else to call it), I have a new enthusiasm for blogging. It may also be because I have the time. I have struggled to find a life/work/blog balance for the last 1.5-2 years. Something had to give I guess. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to write about, I decided to spend more time doing and less time writing about it. Which lead to a real blog wind down. A blog nap. I am so pumped about my new design and vision for my blog that I have lots of ideas simmering. Here’s what’s on my mind at the moment: summer DIY’s!

 Leaning ladder shelf

leaning ladder shelf

There is a comprehensive tutorial from Family Handyman on how to make this shelf. This one is actually a little too big for my liking and we had discussed using a vintage ladder instead…It is just finding the perfect ladder at the right price. I like how this one looks too:

antique ladderSource: The Selby

Loving this simple Ikea hack – taking $2 brackets, spray paint and use salvaged wood for shelves. I am totally obsessed with the idea of having lots of shelves.

ikea hackImage from Houzz.

A bedside bench! Although I battle with the idea of having a bench that would provide storage for  blankets and extra bedding, I love the look of this simple bedside bench.

bedside benchImage and tutorial: A Beautiful Mess

I have been thinking a lot about lighting fixtures and would like to focus on creating these types of details in my own. Subtle. But the type of thing that you notice on closer inspection.


Image and tutorial: View Along The Way

On the topic of lighting, I would love to allow attempt to create/DIY my own bedside lighting.

bedside lamp

Tutorial and image: Elle (South Africa)

I would absolutely die to create a built in dog bed area like this:

built in dog bed

Image: Country Living 

So that’s what I am aiming for. Let’s see if I can make any of these happen in the next two months!

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  • 1. You have summers off?? That’s awesome!
    2. I totally understand about needing to find a balance. Right now I have so much free time to blog that I put these crazy expectations on myself and am really hard on myself when I don’t blog. (Since I found your blog after the blog makeover, I have nothing to compare it to, but it looks beautiful to me! PS: Did you design it yourself? If so, please teach me how. I’m poor and I need a new design.. I’ll pay you in the form of dog pictures? No? Um… dinner?)

    OK sorry, what I really wanted to talk about was OMG these DIY options are incredible! I love the leaning ladder and the Ikea shelf hack. That’s genius. Also, can we talk for a second about how the woman in the first picture is wearing the most incredible mom jeans I have seen in a long time. Like whoa. That shoe/dog bed area is awesome, though. I’m pretty sure Nan needs that. For real.

    Can’t wait to see what you come up with!!

    • Ya I know I am SO lucky….
      I was in your exact situation a few years ago Tara! I was unemployed, living abroad with little money and tons of time on my hands. It is hard to keep it up once you go back to a more ‘normal’ lifestyle (whatever that is!!!). I didn’t design the new blog template myself, I bought it after using a free one for 3 years. I figured the 40-50$ was worth it… I now use Buzz Blog and love it. It has tons of handy built in features and I love the clean look it creates. It is SO MUCH work to do it yourself. I worked on it for weeks tweeking it and trying to get it to where I loved it before. I just didn’t have the energy to do that this time. Also, I am loving this payment in dog photos. You are speaking my language now!