Summer Beagles

Now that myself and the rest of the world are Instragram-obsessed, I often have more images that are snippets of my daily life. (Which are mostly just pictures of dogs.) I know y’all are dying to see more pictures of my dog and my nephews. (Yes we are freaky and refer to our dogs as our children).

Sheamie the beagle

Snoopy relaxing

A beagle sleep train at my mom’s place. HA!

Beagle sleep train

I take these pictures so that his parents (my brother and sister-in-law) can see how much fun Snoopy is having at Beagle Summer Camp.

Me and Snoop

The moment before a shake-down!

Sheamie in the harbour

I love this picture. We were chilling out in the park and she was gingerly smelling something. So adorable.


Water babe

Sailboat coming in

Summer Sheamie

See why I post so many pictures of Sheamie? And of Snoopy. Beagles are so damn photogenic. So it’s not really my fault. And let’s face it, I don’t have kids or a life really (that’s what all the moms and high powered Bay St. workers are thinking). HA!

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  • I love beagles! And you’re right, they are incredibly photogenic. My dog ends up looking like a psycho half the time when I take her picture.

  • theweelass

    Obsessed. My fave is the one right before the shakedown. Love her wee face!

  • These photos are so adorable! I know what you mean when you call your dogs your children….we treat ours dog (Sammie-karelian bear dog) like a child, it’s crazy!! There’s a beagle summer camp ….that’s crazy! I’d love to take my dog to a summer camp to socialize with other pups 🙂

  • Lisaroy

    So cute! We always referred to our dog as our furry baby 🙂