Succulent Plants, I wanna ’em

One day on Twitter someone mentioned re-purposing an old CD tower into a plant stand for succulents. I wish I could remember who tweeted it so I could thank them personally. We were given an old CD tower that I had NO idea what to do with. I contemplated turning it into a horizontal style shelf of sorts… but that seemed like too much trouble. When I saw the tweet a light bulb went off in my little brain! I have been dying to create something to put succulent plants on (because ya gotta show them off right?).

Took that baby apart….

We decided to paint the background the high gloss gray colour that we used on the legs of our coffee table. This way it would ‘tie’ in this piece with the coffee table and frankly, I am cheap. Did not feel like paying another $15 for a can of paint. So gray it was.

So this is where the succulents are going to live (forget that candle!). They will be in charge of the modem and the telephone! Thankfully no one calls our house phone except for my mom and B’s mom (hi moms!)

So what about the succulents? Are you having a hard time imaging how they are going to look? Are you interested in succulents yourself? What’s that you say?!? You want me to show you the pictures that I drooled over?

Those are them! Spotted here.

Spotted here.

In clear glass, pretty! Spotted here.

Boozy succulents! Spotted here.

Big old box shop style succulent. Spotted here.

So pretty – all the different varieties are amazing. Spotted here.

Spotted here.

I have one of these old measuring cups that I nicked out of my grandmother’s kitchen! Lovely and quaint, spotted here.

Spotted here.

Table setting! Spotted here.

So great. Spotted here.

Small but noticeable! Spotted here.

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