Stripes Stripes Stripes

Maybe I am off my rocker (I still don’t own one but I like using that expression) but everywhere I look I am seeing an explosion of stripey things – Stripes Stripes Stripes … No? Is it just me?

Stripes Stripes Stripes

Stripey Stripe Tray. Spotted here.

Headboard and bed skirt (how come beds need to wear skirts?). Spotted here.

For all the mommas out there (and dads of course), a diaper caddy. Spotted here.

Chevron’s are a type of stripe. Si. Spotted here.

Striped walls. Spotted here.

This isn’t the original source. Sorry blog friends. Spotted here.

Awesome handwoven striped towels. Honestly this look so cozy its frightening. Spotted here.

Upcycled chest of drawers, always a good thing. Must have steady hands though. Spotted here.

Sharp! Spotted here.

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