Storage Ideas For Kids & All Their Stuff

It seems like parents are always looking for the holy grail of storage solutions. Children = lots of stuff (clothes, accessories, bags, toys, shoes, blankets, teddies, diapers, books, and it goes on and on). Lots and lots of stuff. Toys can take over homes. Kid knick knacks rule the roost. You don’t have time to look up cool, unique and creative storage solutions for all your kids junk – but I do! Lucky you 🙂 Storage Ideas For Kids:

Bright and fun – looks like spray painted vegetable crates to me, some painted boxes and candy jars! Spotted here.

Boxes lined with different wallpaper stacked together – Nice way to display toys but not sure how practical it would be for most young chicks? Spotted here.

Storage under the bed but not in the traditional sense! Spotted here (original blog gone!)

Love this and you could make this yourself! Spotted here.

Pretty sure those little cubbies are from Ikea, spotted here. Those cubbies are ideal for storing ridiculously small car parts, Barbie accessories and objects you wish your children didn’t own.

Tin can organization – although you were have to be very careful about sharp edges etc! Spotted here.

Hanging baskets! Spotted here.

Using existing furniture it a great idea and saves you some money. These parents converted an old armoire into a toy storage area. Spotted here.

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