I have been spotting a heck of a lot of sweet stacks lately. Simple. Effective. Organized. And aesthetically pleasing to those that care about that sort of thing. Spotted here.

And if you have OCD, this will be RIGHT up your alley. Or maybe it won’t be because you hate the way they stacked it up. Either way – tis the season to get stacking. We have a long winter ahead of us here in  North America.

Spotted here. PS – I have a tumblr crush on the author of this blog – go check it out!

Sideways stack. Counts. Spotted here.

Big and small…. And a biker leaner upper. Spotted here.

Okay so it is not stacked. Give me a break – it’s naturally organized. And sustainable. So give me a break. Please. Spotted here.

Grain sacks come pillows. Stacked. Of course. Spotted here.

Pre-stacked for you. Spotted here {ps how jealous are you that this was an Craigslist find?!?}

Honeycomb stacks. Spotted here.

Dishes. In their proper place. In my ideal colour scheme. Thank you to who ever owns this collection – I will not be able to live without it. Spotted here.

Like little trees…. Literary trees. Spotted here.

Tall, sneaky stack. Spotted here.

All lined up and ready to rock and roll. Original source unknown.

Love Meagan’s (NOT ME! It’s the OTHER Cool Meagan out there) use of National Geographic magazines. Spotted here.

  • I love all of these, well, except the first one – I think it would drive me nuts not being able to grab a book from the bottom of the pile. I see avalanche happening 🙂