Squared Away: The Bathroom

Who doesn’t want to better organize their bathroom? I am always dying to find new bathroom organization ideas – behold, Squared Away: The Bathroom. Find some amazing ideas and where to get great resources to help get your bathroom better organized and….squared away!

Squared Away: The Bathroom

Image originally from Love Design

So bathrooms are an annoying space in most homes and often tend to sprawl into an organization “sit” (as in situation, I feel very Jersey Shore saying this but whatever)… Not enough counter space, not enough storage, not enough cupboard space (to hide things essentially) and the list goes on and on. I said I would help someone in need. So here you go – lots of fabulous (she says fabulous lots which I love!) ideas for kicking your bathroom’s butt.

Shelves, racks and hooks on the inside of the bathroom door maximize space.

Spotted on Better Homes & Gardens 

Easy peasy metal baskets like these ones – except I worry about these rusting or making marks over time

Spotted on Made By Girl

Using crates like these walnut ones is a fun idea for creating extra storage space outside your cupboards

Original source unknown sadly.

Placing shelving like these on the walls may make your WC feel smaller but gives your more space

Spotted on Heather Garnett 

Not enough space to brag about but still its something: shadow boxes give you a small platform to display things

Spotted on Martha Stewart

Drawer dividers like these bamboo ones can also help you feel more organized…

Spotted on Martha Stewart

Using uniform colours or containers like these plastic bins will create a nicer aesthetic and feel higher end. Best part? They are plastic so clean them in the dish washer!

inexpensive bathroom storageSpotted on den gode feen

This ornate shelf makes organization not so Debbie Downer

Spotted on House and Home

Baskets like these beautiful African ones under the sink (if your sinks exposed) creates extra space for towels

Spotted on Better Homes & Gardens 

If you have the room, a tall cabinet like this is perfect. I suggest painting it white to keep it simple and clean!

Spotted on Gardener & Marks

Love this idea of a cluster of your bottles on the top of the toilet with a little art on a mirror tray like this one.

From Domino magazine 

A storage tray above the sink

Spotted at the Polohouse

Babble had this great roundup just last week so check out those suggestions too!

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