Sprouting Spring Centerpieces

The idea to make a simple, more natural , sprouting spring centerpiece came after I saw some adorable pictures of gardeners who started to grow their seeds in eggs shell. What an adorable idea – and really, it looks great… Then I start thinking about what sort of decor I wanted to pull out this spring to get the house feeling a little more springy… From that, viola! My idea for a growing my own spring centerpiece was born. Simple, not too fussy and would be super fun to do with your kids.

Sprouting Spring Centerpieces!

seedling centerpiece easter

Was a super simple little project in general but does take about 10 days of advance thinking (not my usual forte!) and a little patience. How to grow your own egg shell seedlings:

  • Grab a carton of fresh brown eggs (extra large is possible) and crack a small hole in one end and a needle size hole in the other. Remember doing this well you were a kid? Glow out the egg guts – best you can. Trust me, on egg #6 you will remember why you lost enthusiasm as a kid (cue cheeks beginning to hurt).
  • Wash the empty eggs shells out with water and lay them to dry over night on a tea towel.
  • Fill the dried eggshells 3/4 full with soil, I used organic Miracle Gro potting soil like this one here.
  • In egg shell, I placed 3-4 seeds as I wanted each egg to look busting full of life (YAY SPRING). I chose pea seeds as I had them. If you are going to use something else, check the germination period. You want to pick something that sprouts in 7-10 days. Longer will mean you will have to start this weeks and weeks ahead of time.
  • Water them once every 4-5 days and wait for them to sprout

Seedlings in eggshells centerpiece ideas

While I waited for my peas to start to shoot up, I picked up some material to make faux birds nests for the eggs to sit in on my table. I grabbed this excelsior stuff to make my nests – like even is that? I went down a rabbit hole on the internet trying to figure out what it is called officially. For the record, it should be called “CRAFT GRASS”. So I bundled up three little fake nests and had plenty left over to make a trail of fake grass around all my objects (cost around 3$ for the whole lot).

Homegrown Spring Centerpieces

Sprouting Spring Centerpiece

Second, I grabbed a pot of muscari spring bulbs from my corner veg shop – 3.99$ a pop. You know which flowers muscari’s are right? There is ANOTHER thing no one knows the name of (thank god I kept the tag!)… Just spring bulb + purple would do.  What’s nice is I played around with the fake grass, seedling eggs and bulbs to get just the right look.

quail eggs in a nest

After trying to seedlings in egg shells look, I put a few super cute quail’s eggs in one of the nests. Like holy moly… For 3.99$ a carton, these are a great look with zero effort.

real eggs in a homemade birds nest

I really love how each looks – and for less than $10? That’s a savvy buy. And for the eco-conscious, you can put your pea seeds out in the garden once the last frost is done!

my assistant at the blog

In case you are wondering, my trusty blog assistant was right there with me. Distracted by schools on the job! Notice something in the background? Lazyman’s special – don’t want to make something special? Just put your seedlings in eggshells into your egg cup holders! You can find tons of adorable egg cups on Etsy (OMG another rabbit hole!!!).

eggs in cup holder

I found these Dutch egg cups that I just adore and now I need to order them. You can check them out here on Etsy.

handmade egg cups

And lastly….My final sprouting spring centerpiece masterpiece:

Sprouting Spring Centerpiece

This look ended up being my favourite. I put some of the muscari bulbs straight into vintage mason jars that I got from my sister-in-law (HI AMANDA! You are the best!) with a little soil. They will continue to grow (or at least that’s what the internet has me believe!). You can get similar Crown mason jars on Etsy. Honestly, what can’t you get on there?

And prepare yourself, the next spring decor is silly adorable.

Sprouting Spring Centerpiece

Those little bunnies were found at the dollarstore. That’s right. The dollarstore. Sometimes when you are grabbing dog poop bags you find other amazing little things.

After I wrote my blog post, I saw that there is another egg shell seedling centerpiece online! Check out Everyday Dishes take on things here.

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