Spring Changes

Sometimes it is hard for me to remember to take pictures of my home and how small changes happen over time. Between the clutter, pet hair and constant battle with keeping life organized – I don’t always remember to grab a few pictures. With all the spring changes happening outdoors, I decided to share a few things from around the apartment.

Spring Changes – Indoors

ladder DIY

Spot the Nanna bum. I couldn’t crop her butt out without chopping the bottom of the ladder off! Am still loving the ladder we made over the winter for the apartment. I am suffering from a “what should live here” indecision. I move things on and off of it weekly. Nothing seems quite right. Learn how to make your own DIY ladder here.

ladder details

Sometimes when I am watering my expanding plant collection, I catch the grain of the wood out of the corner of my eye. Hearts….

fiddle fig leaf growth

My fiddle fig leaf is growing at a rapid rate. Since moving it to this position under the window and beginning my misting practice, the plant has grown a foot! New leaves every week! It’s insane. Who knew plants LOVED misting so much?

sofa corner

This is such a normal view. But usually Nan is smushed into that pillow corner (watching me work).

string of pearls succulent

I picked up this string of pearls succulent about 3 weeks ago and it has doubled in length! So healthy and happily growing away. I can’t wait until it’s long and drapes down.

diy ladder

I picked up an adorable collection of milkglass over the winter. I didn’t realize how much I liked it.

vintage milk glass Toronto

I am working on coming up with improving our ‘pet feeding station’. Currently we use one of my vintage crates to elevate Ollie’s food while keeping the dog on the ground.

pet feeding station

I have really been feeling motivated lately and have been trying to better organize my time and make some positive changes to several different aspects of my life. Feeling like a BOSS lately and getting things done at home, work, the blog…Oh ya, and the wedding! Spring changes outdoors and helping me indoors it seems!

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