Spring Bounce: Flora To Wake You Up

Today I was speaking with people at work about how life seems so much better on this side of March Break [past tense]…. Don’t you think? The weather has been great in Toronto lately – sun is shining, air smells earthy and the flowers are starting to spring up here and there… Life is slowly returning to the city, and those that live here seem to have a little more bounce in their step. Admittedly, I feel like I have also physiologically responded to the turn in season – my heart feels good, my head is lighter and summer isn’t so far off (that’s a stretch I know!)…Some Flora To Wake You Up.

Image: me (Inishowen, Donegal).

I love featuring simple beautiful flowers. So I will let them do the ‘talking’ from here on.

Taken by Jose Villa. A real stunner.

And a local favourite, hometown gal – Coriander Girl 

The next bouquet was photographed by Jemma Keech

More flora by Coriander Girl but photographed by Celine Kim

The irony of this gaggle of flowers? A winter bouquet. Wasn’t going to tell you.

Arrangement and picture by Chelsea at Frolic!

Love these poppies… So much.

Spotted on Poppies & Posies (how fitting!)

And look how simple but stunning these next flowers are:

From Naoto the Obscure 

Happy Spring Y’all!

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  • Donna Vining

    Beautiful floral arrangements!! It’s warm down here in Texas!


  • megan leanderson

    Happy spring to you too; loving these stunning floral images!