Spaces for Pets in the Home

We love them. We can’t live without them. We humanize them, let them go places we shouldn’t in the house and frankly we all know who the pack leaders are (and it ain’t us folks!!)… Pets. Mostly dogs and cats… But if you are one of those outliers who cohabits with an exotic pet, hey maybe they need a special bed/room/spot in your home too! Once saw this show about ‘wacky pet owners’ where one dude had a lizard. He kissed the lizard, bathed the lizard and wait for it….. let the lizard sleep in his bed. Ahhhhhh that makes me skin crawl but am trying not to be judgmental here. Whatever makes you a happy pet owner – just be responsible, treat the animals kindly and whatever you do, please don’t feed them table scraps. I HATE THAT! We just need more Spaces for Pets in the Home.

So without further adieu, a little love for our 4 legged friends!

Beds, toy storage, blankets, just about anything… and washable! Spotted here.

Dog leash/lead holder! Spotted here.

A more environmentally friendly doggie house – spotted here. Would need to make sure your dog doesn’t jump on top of its house like Mojo does!

A special set of stairs for cats! Spotted here.

Sweet bunk beds for cats! Even better, they are recycled suitcases. Spotted here.

Retro cat bed… Obviously! Spotted here.

For dogs and cats me thinks. Love the idea of growing succulents on the roof of the bed – again you would need a pet who was either (1) super well behaved or (2) have zero curiosity in such things. Spotted here.

Cozy round beds – how come this breed of dog always likes round beds? Am I the only person to ever notice that? Spotted here.

Awesome cat toy! It is a tea cozy shaped cat toy = genius. Spotted here.

Awesome dog collars! Sailor knots – on your dog! Definitely only the coolest dogs would have these collars. Love! Spotted here.

See it’s not ALL about cats and dogs! A bunny hutch too! Spotted here.

So this was entitled “pet decor” which doesn’t tell me much about it but from what I can see, it’s cool. It’s like a little pet hideaway – with the doors having breathing holes and seem to open up when you need to ‘check in on the kids’. Sweet! Spotted here.

Sweet DIY pallet bed for a dog or cat! I made one like this for Mojo but didn’t take any pictures! Super easy – minimal tools… Spotted here.

Hide that stinky cat litter away in a fancy shmancy cupboard! Spotted here.

Cutest pet picture award goes to… Yup – if you didn’t just say “awww” you are a heartless mean person who shouldn’t be on my website. Spotted here. Oh that was a bit harsh. Maybe instead you should just move on to a different post.

Corner dog bed? Yup, it is genius. Takes up less room, dogs get the cozy corners to squish into…. a match made in heaven! Spotted here.

This one is my absolute favourite. I love that the dog bed is built into the storage unit, its by the door – the boots, the leash… All perfect. Want. Right. Now. Spotted here.

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