Some Seasonal Love

It’s the weekend edition where I am not expected to write much, explain things or tell you why you should love these things as much as I do. But you should. Some Seasonal Love:

A fitting introduction if I do say so myself. Spotted here.

I feel like I should give you a little direction… Here it is:

The general breakdown. Spotted here.

Poised and ready for a massive picnic in the park. Spotted here.

Spotted here.

Plenty to go around for your best friends. Spotted here.

A magical vignette of memories. Spotted here.

HA! Spotted here but from Anthropologie.

So simple. From Real Simple. Obvi.

Lots and lots of books. To stay inside with. Only on really cold days though. Spotted here.

Spotted here.

One with nature. Spotted here.

Awesomeness. Spotted here.

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  • I’m loving these pics and today, we are having the perfect day for all those books. It is baking hot in the UK apparently and it lashed rain here all day yest (we had the monsoon part of the Indian summer!) and today is dank, damp and cold.
    Love the romance of that bed on the raft – fab photo

  • This so made my night. Wrapped it up nicely. Time to sleep and dream of autumn colors, thanks Meee-gann!