Small Corners and Objects – Row House Nest

Like I said earlier this week, my place really is squared away like I would like for me to ‘share’ my whole apartment yet. And frankly, there is parts of my apartment that I may never share (here’s looking at you old inefficient stove, stupid kitchen cabinets and odd shower room). It’s a rental. I care about making it a cozy space for moi but I am not willing to invest loads of money into a space that I don’t own. Anyways, here are some corners and objects from my slowly evolving apartment:

 Location: above my bed.


 Wondering about the wood candle holder? My dad made it. This was one of his castaways as it cracked. I liked that it was cracked so he gave it to me as a housewarming.


I bought a stool. It was to go with my kitchen island… Which I think I might sell.  I snagged this sweet stool from Becki at the Vintage Cabin. She has a booth at the Junction Flea and sells lots of great stuff… Go check her out but go early because her things sell like hot cakes.


I bought a vintage school desk from Mrs Huizenga’s on Roncevalles. I bought it for several reasons – it was small, inexpensive and felt like a bit of a tribute to my work with children in the school board. I still have the cloth owl print, my inherited Alpine Glider, my Eames chair and there is a new mid-century style magazine rack underneath the desk that my step mom gifted to me (was her mom’s). I am not quite sure where to put the magazine rack yet…


I plan on hanging the glider up.


 More of the area above my bed.


 Jade plant from my mom – apparently it brings good luck to your home… And a mini reading lamp that was from my gramma’s house.


Most of my kitchen is unremarkable so no point in sharing. Here is some of my jars and knick knacks (I love knick knacks) above my stove.


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