Slow Patient Decorating

There was a reason I could never become a teacher. I have don’t much patience. It’s odd. I can be  incredibly patient when I am working with children but there it is definitely something I struggle with in other parts of my life. I want things to happen quickly and efficiently. Take moving. I prepared quickly. Got my shit together and moved. I was prepared and ready to rock. I wanted to get it over with as quickly as possible. My fella? Not so much. He had a few nights after work to get working… And well…. He just works slower than I do. I was commiserating with my sister – why was I like that? Jeez, I just need to slow down. Her response? It is our family style. We like to do things quickly and get them over with. Why drag them on and on? Let’s just get in there and get it done. So I am unintentionally practicing Slow Patient Decorating.

So now that we have officially been in the new apartment for 7 sleeps…. I am starting to fight feeling impatient. I want to paint. Immediately. I want to fix the horribly painted kitchen counter. I want to adjust the lighting in the kitchen. I need holes drilled ASAP. But due to life – and not everyone feeling a sense of need… I wait. I am dying to just get it all done all in one go but my brain knows better and I realize that for the end product to be something I am proud of and not just a quick fix, I must be patient. It will take time to afford the sofa I envision. Walls won’t paint themselves. Researching how to fix a counter doesn’t happen while I sleep. So I wait. And do little things around. Make little nooks that make me feel less stir crazy. And I go back to work soon. But not before a trip down to Vermont! YAY! That’s right. Another road trip is just around the corner. Here are some little moments from the new house.

Row House Nest kitchen

This is my first coffee in the kitchen. I love it already.

row house nest living room

Moving mess. Plants everywhere. Stuff everywhere… Weird beige yellow walls.

Sheamie from Row House Nest

Sheamie came to visit of course. She wanted to make sure my chair felt the same here as it did in the old place.

growing your own vegetables Toronto

Before leaving the old apartment, I nabbed a biggish haul of garden goodies that I helped grow! Chard, banana pepper, beats, kale, tomatoes and herbs. So awesome. I roasted the tomatoes and made them into a sort of all purpose tomato sauce that could be used in salsa, sauce or just on top of things (as I did with my lunch yesterday!).

Toronto backyard with dogs

What an awesome backyard for the dog! And her pals! Nan has had a dog bud come over almost everyday this week and everyone approves of our totally secure, enclosed yard. The owner of the house removed the grass as she had a ‘digger’ so no grass but that’s okay. Hard to grow grass in such a shaded yard anyways. Can you see the potential in this puppy?

I am waiting for my DSLR camera to be returned from a friend so I can start taking some nicer pictures of the apartment. It will be a slow process I am sure… But worth it all in the end (I HOPE!).


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  • I love the abundance of flowers and plants you have in your apartment. Have fun with it!

  • I am SO impatient! I hate waiting, especially if it’s to wait on something I could fix/change/do myself. It drives me nuts!! I can’t wait to see how the rooms turn out once painted. Even unpainted, this place looks fantastic and I’m jealous!!