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When did I ever think that I would be able to blog, work full time, chase a puppy and have a social life? I don’t know how mummy blogger’s do it. I would have NO time to do real life stuff if I spent my extra time blogging. It’s insane. I have had a pretty busy week – running around, holiday related, work related… Nan related. Of course. Nan Nan Nan.

This telephone is the telephone my grandmother had at her home on Gore Vale. Beloved telephone that lasted years and years. My sister has it on display in her office… Which I need to snap some pictures of and share with y’all soon.


Speaking of my sister, her and her man went away for a week to Bahamas and I had the fun job of looking after their fur babe, Remy – who is loving and awesome but challenging. We had a nutty week – involving constant dog battles, learning to use Halti’s, a trip to the vet’s and morning group love nests in the bed. I became weak, very weak. And let them both on the bed. It was hilarious. Remy would try to snuggle me, Nan would be quietly and very gingerly trying to bite his limbs…..


I took a snapshot of this colour that the Para Paints people snapped at the House and Home event a few weeks ago. I love it. Am really loving those dark grays and blues right now.


Oh this chair. This awesome awesome free chair from last year. It has been waiting patiently for a home. Real home. I have lived in temporary digs since basically the day I moved back from Belfast. Shocking huh? I went from having a whole house of my own to a bedroom. That’s it. Hard to want to decorate something that you know is only going to be for a short time as well. I love this chair and can’t wait to make her shine in my own place!


I love this girl. She lives at Queen West & Dovercourt.


I went to City of Craft – one of my favourite craft fairs – and snagged lots of sweet treats for myself (GAH WHY DOES THAT ALWAYS HAPPEN!?!?!) and zero for friends and family. Wondering what I got? A new Falconwright small clutch, a Doublenaut misprint ($5!) and a great tshirt (super soft and cozy) and a Good Night, Day headband which I have been lusting after for months.


My sister had a holiday party. It was fun. We danced a lot – into the night…. Then I went home. I am too old for this shit.


Lots of cutie decorations were everywhere. I had to capture them. Obviously. IG-ed instantly.


Everyone is probably thinking I have abandoned Sheamie and never see her anymore. Not true. But it is true that she lives at my mom’s. She is such a sweet babe. I see her two days a week and we cuddle lots. I want to bring her downtown but my roommate thought two dogs in one apartment might be too much….and it would likely be a little stressful for wee Sheam. She likes doing lots of things but too many changes can be stressful for her. I am going to start bringing her downtown in the New Year again. Her and Nan are great together – she babysits Nan for me every Monday – and Nan comes back very mature and calm.




I am so lucky to have adopted such a stellar dog. I think this pretty much everyday. It is shocking how smooth things have been. That said, Nan has been extra silly lately – she is getting bigger, can now reach things she couldn’t before and is testing boundaries. It doesn’t bug me that much but it does grate on your patience once in awhile. She learns quickly and is incredibly food motivated which helps for training. She is my constant companion. I can’t imagine my life without her.