DIY: Simple Natural Holiday Wreath

I wanted to create some really simple, easy (for someone who likes making stuff I am always looking for a way to make my projects quicker) and cheap. DIY: Simple Natural Holiday Wreath:

This month and next are all about budgets. I have lots of costly things going on right now – including the ownership of two cars (SOMEONE freaking buy my old car!), Christmas shopping, bills, life, Nanna, life…You get it. I am trying to save money. But I love making things during the holidays. Simplest way to meet all criteria? Use nature. Hi Nature – you are free. And I love you. Thus birthed my holiday wreath. I bought an inexpensive metal form at Michael’s for under $6 (tax included) along with some thin formal wire for around $3-$4.

 The form looked like this (if you can find it among all my craft supplies)

Next Nan and I headed to High Park for our natural supplies.

 We found this tree limb that had been a victim of the Frankenstorm (aka #Sandy).


Nan got to it immediately:


 Girl’s gotta work for her kibble.

 We brought home our tree limbs and pinecones and got to work.

Pinecones and branches are free and so nice smelling.

First I loosely put the branches around the form so I could ‘see’ what it would look like. Yup, simple.


Next I laid out my pinecones (motley bunch! Damn squirrels)

I dipped the pinecones into some paint I had from another project (Para Paints Posture and Poise)

Wondering if Nan grabbed any of the wet pinecones? Why yes she did. Too tempting.


Add glitter.

My watchdog.


I am just sitting here minding my own business (aka trying to eat the wreath everytime you look away mom)




And the final product. Simple. Not crowded. Inexpensive and used mostly stuff I already had with the exception of the form (which I can re-use in the future).


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  • I absolutely love this! So pretty and feathery! Love the addition of the dipped pinecones, and all the doggy pictures, too 🙂