Scenes of Italian Dining

Enamored with scenes of Italian dining….So much more refined and beautiful than the North American approach to eating.

Wine {spotted here}.


crusty bread {spotted here}. Honestly why is bread so much nicer in Europe? I love the crusty exterior and warm, soft inside. I worked in a bakery when I was a teenager and my favourite was the fresh Italian loaves.


rustic charcuterie {spotted here}. So simple and real – a little cheese, meats… Amazing.

+ more

never enough {spotted here}. I wish those were my feet. I have those socks… But it isn’t.


seasoned olives {spotted here}. Someday I will learn how to make my own spiced olives. For now I will pay way too much for them.


frutti di mare {spotted here}. Like what? That dish looks unreal. 

What to buy to finish off THE look?

rustic {spotted here}


{spotted here, here and here)

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