How To Make A Scandinavian Wind Chime

Recently on Instagram, an artist I follow named Brooke posted a cool wind chime that she made. Inspired by her wind chime, I put my own classic Meagan spin on it. I gathered up all natural materials and created a Scandinavian wind chime. Simple, minimalist and perfect for reminding me of movement. This wind chime is a great weekend project, you could manage it in an hour or so over coffee (if you are have gathered up all your materials beforehand).

Find out how to make a Scandinavian wind chime

This tutorial is so super simple and doesn’t require anything too fancy. I feel like it even lends to subbing in whatever materials you have in your craft bucket. I highly recommend taking a long walk outdoors by the water when gathering your sticks – and warning, you will have to fight off dogs. Nan was SO confused by the collection of sticks and why I wasn’t sharing them!


Total cost for this project was $10.50.

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Think this looks easy? Cut three pieces of twine, one much longer than the other two. Pick your first piece and get started. I worked from the bottom up. I would tie three knots in the bottom and add a large wooden bead (this will be the bead that hits the pots in the wind). A little further up, I would tie two more knots and add one of the smaller wooden beads. That is the bead that holds the pot on the string. Pull the pot down the string and then add beads and pots to create the material you are looking for. Sometimes, I added a small and large bead. Crazy like that. It is best if you have a friend to help you attach the strings once you are done adding all the items. James held it for me while I tied the strings on. Made my life 999, 999 times easier.

Learn how to make this beautiful, Scandinavian wind chime -

I love how it turn out, what do you think? Simple earth tones are my thing . The only step that held me up was painting the 3 larger pots white. They needed 2 coats and one ‘touch up’ coat. I left them dry indoors over night. But maybe you are quicker than I?

Learn how to make this beautiful, Scandinavian wind chime -

Once the snow melts, it will be migrating outdoors so the wind can do it’s job and move it around lightly in the wind.

Learn how to make this beautiful, Scandinavian wind chime -

You could totally make a version of this around Christmas time with some festive items. I think it would look so great with some simple shapes and greenery.

Learn how to make this beautiful, Scandinavian wind chime -

Looks lovely beside my Eames lounger huh? I just love all those earth tones. Against the white? My aesthetic completely. Is it yours?

Learn how to make this beautiful, Scandinavian wind chime -

And there you have it friends – a Scandinavian wind chime. Just in time for spring!

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