Rush Out, Rush Back In, Rush To Bed.

My life right now. Honestly I cannot stress enough how hard blogging has been this fall. I have a hundred things on my TO DO list for the blog and life:

  • Edit pictures for Para Paints Blog Crew post(s)!!!! That’s right, I have MULTIPLE posts I need to write… And edit. And get on in general (SORRY PARA PAINTS – massive sad face).
  • Paint wooden desk chair white.
  • Re-paint large white mirror.
  • Go to Algonquin Park to see fall leaves and wildlife. Yes, I did put this on my to do list. I have always wanted to go up in the fall but have just never done it. Made a million excuses, etc. No more excuses from this lady.
  • Go to a hot yoga class. I went in Canmore – and loved it – I need to start going weekly. Working on it.
  • Play around with my blog template – something weird has been going on with my menu drop down bar (or so it looks on my laptop) – am not sure what is up… Need to remember how to toy around with that.
  • Save up some money to PAY someone to re-design my blog.
  • Take more personal photos of design related stuff for zee bloggity blog.
  • Stop posting so many pictures of Nan on Instagram (Sheamie feels SO neglected) – just kidding, I am not going to do that.
  • Stop buying knick knacks that I don’t have room for.
  • Organize my mementos and general tidbits that I keep.
  • Organize my important paperwork (shred old stuff, organize relevant paperwork).
  • Sell my old car.
  • Further purge my wardrobe (already done heaps but need to do more).
  • OH ya… And figure out my life. That’s a big one. Working on it!


Some sweet antlers from the Aberfoyle Antique Market. We took Nan.


 Loved this hand embroidered card my sister gave her BF for their annie (handmade in Brooklyn).


Sweet sky in Etobicoke.

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  • I love that you have a trip to Algonquin on your to-do list. I love that place, but haven’t been in a few years.

  • Stop buying knick knacks that I don’t have room for.

    THIS. I really, really, really need to do this.

  • how2home

    Story of my life!! We have so much to do this Fall, and to be honest……i’m feeling a bit overwhelmed 🙁 I definitely think you should keep taking pictures of Nan! Nan is too adorable !!! Algonquin park sounds like its going to be amazing! I love how you’re so adventurous! I need to learn from you. And in terms of figuring out your life….that IS a biggie but we all have a life time to figure it out! Take it day by day…..thats what im doing ….it’s hard but you got it girl!

  • barbara @hodge:podge

    Gosh I am not the only one. My excuse is that my part-time teaching gig has turned into full time. Didn’t think teaching grade 2 could wipe you out!