The Beginning of Something New: The Row House Nest

“The house is a nest for dreaming, a shelter for imagining…”

Gaston Bachelard

row house nest inspiration Image by the wonderfully talented girls @ flaxfox designs.

Inspired by Belfast’s many streets of terraced houses, or row houses – the concept for the Row House Nest blog emerged. The site was ‘hatched’ by my love of nesting, our new home and the fascinating housing landscape that surrounded me. This is the beginning of my new adventure as a Blogger. To help keep my mind active and talk have a space to talk about my creative triumphs, traumas and battles. This is the beginning of something new for me, MY BLOG: The Row House Nest !!!!!!!

The idea was to write a creative & comfy blog focused on helping others bring out the inner ‘nester’ in themselves. For those of you who don’t know what a ‘nester’ is, it is an individual who craves to make their place of residence a home. A real home.

Row House Nest design

This blog covers home design and decor, how-to-guides, gardening, decorating on a shoestring, green living information and most of all: a source of inspiration and ideas for you!

Nil aon titean mar do thintean fein – Gaelic meaning “there is no hearth like your own hearth”.


The Occupant Nester, Meagan

Meagan from the Row House Nest

  • Mary Desrocher

    Hi Meagan! What an excellent idea for a blog! I hope you are enjoying your new place, and I will definitely pass on your website. All the best with your new place!