A New Face at Row House Nest: Roselie

Bringing my little sister on board to help me with the blog has been quietly happening behind the scenes for months… But now it’s official. Roselie is joining me on the blog as a contributor and marketing director. Fancy names for HELPING ME because I cannot do everything myself anymore. So without further adieu, this is Row House Nest Roselie!

roselie Row House Nest

Image: Kampphotography

It was an easy decision on my behalf to ask Roselie if she was interested in joining me – we already do so much together and are continually bouncing ideas off one another. Timing wise, we needed to wait until Roselie’s wedding was done and dusted before she could commit herself to working with me. Although I will still continue to run the majority of the blog, Roselie will be helping me with research, marketing, writing and generally making things happen around here!

roselie working it

I am so relieved and excited to have a new project to start with her. She will be sharing some of the amazing DIY wedding projects we completed for her nuptials very shortly and I hope that all my readers and followers will welcome her to the Row House Nest family.

Roselie Blogger headshot

Image: Samantha Hurley Imaging

  • Welcome Roselie!!! Looking forward to getting peeks into your wedding.

    • Aw thanks Julia! We are so excited!