Romantic Wedding Balloons

I am so thrilled that I can finally begin to share beautiful little bits and pieces from my wedding with my readers,  and I decided to start with my Sugargirlee & CO balloons. I don’t think enough heart emojis could really sum up how stunning the balloons were in person. How the creative genius that is Sugargirlee & CO, Laureign,  took my vision and ran with it, creating romantic wedding balloons with my wacky refined bohemian vibe… is beyond me. When I met with Laureign to chat about the wedding, I felt like I had known her for years. Post-wedding we joked about going out for drinks. Seriously. Friends. How she was able to chat with me and see a few pictures for inspiration, then run with it, I don’t know. But she did it.

wedding novelty ballloons Toronto

Images all by Wild Eyed Photography

It is a little hard to see in these images but notice that stunning calligraphy above my head? PERSONALIZED calligraphy graced these transparent balloons behind my head table. The talented work of Cecile Lau Calligraphy. The ivy on the balloons? From my garden!

balloons with greenery

Simple over-sized clear balloons floated behind us while we dined on Mexican eats, laughed with our nearest and dearest and clinked glasses.

balloons with ivy

It is sort of surreal to think that I watched that ivy grow all summer! It was the perfect length to add natural elements to our backdrop.

large clear balloons

We really wanted to transform these cool over-sized balloons to be more consistent with the overall vibe of the wedding.

Greenery on large balloons

Again, Laureign took a relatively common idea (over-sized balloon(s) as a backdrop) and took it to the next level for us!

She also morphed a simple white balloon into a more romantic soft balloon by attaching fake greenery garland to it!

large white balloon for wedding

It is difficult to see but this balloon was inscribed with “I’m forever yours”

inscribed balloon for wedding

We took our large balloon out for a few last minute photos before our ceremony! 
novelty balloons toronto

I can’t thank Laureign enough for her personal touches that she put on our wedding balloons. They were beautiful and so perfectly us. I couldn’t have asked for more from a local company who went above and beyond. Please take time to check out Sugargirlee & CO – and get in there quick because this company based in the GTA is just about to explode!

Our woodsy romantic wedding balloons were a hit. Practical and fun to get pictures with! Am pretty sure that the balloon below made its way into the photo booth at the end of the night!

Romantic Boho Balloons

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