Rescue Dogs Rule – Nan Love

The day I adopted Nanna I snapped some pictures with my ‘good’ camera.

Weird just looking at these images now. It feels like FOREVER ago. She was only six weeks old. Now she is is almost 13 weeks old!

The next image was from a day or two after I got home – was visiting a friend and catching up.

Nan is a real lady these days. These next photos were taken by a friend so I can’t take any credit for them. They are from mid-September…

And for once, a picture of us together!

And what’s Nan looking like right now? Here are one or two more recent photos (I have thousands. I kinda love her).







Having a new puppy is pretty amazing… Okay I am done talking about her. And for everyone that is concerned, yes Sheamie is still here! She is alive and well – check her hanging with Nanna in a flower field above! She is living life, busy schooling Nanna when they are together but mostly busy chillin’ on the couch. I love her to death and still take lots of pictures of her!

  • lipstikevents

    Both of them are super adorable!

  • She’s getting big and still so darling! It’s amazing how quickly they grow, isn’t it? Kingsley is bigger than Mocha now and has this adolescent awkward legginess. I adore it.

  • how2home

    omgosh….these photos of Nanna is way too cute! Love the photo you and Nan too! One question… did you train Nan to be off leash? I will never be able to have our pup off leash. SAD 🙁