Projects. Check.

So new apartment. Lots of work to do. Lots of projects on the go. Multiple trips to second hand stores. Far off adventures on the hopes of finding the right dresser. Mini stop off’s at Ikea… And not much has happened. You see. It’s the paint. I was planning around my walls. And now that we have that about to start, my home can really start to take shape. In the meantime, I have been hunting and gathering like a pioneer over here. Interested? Here is a sample (with before and after’s to follow)…..My Projects. Check.

I can’t wait to share the colour scheme for my living room. That will be happening shortly. Here is a small snapshot. Hint: None of these were ‘it’. Also, I wish someone could have recorded the “white” conversations with James.

me: Which white do you like?

him: Ah. Maybe snowfall white?

me: No. Not snowfall. The coverage hasn’t been perfect.

him: Honestly they all look the same to me.

me: They definitely aren’t.

And so on and so on….

Benjamin Moore white comparison


Stolen pieces got a new lick of paint….

white mid century vintage side table


I couldn’t have spotted this new book at Kid Icarus at a better time. Furniture Makeovers by Barb Blair is beautiful, simple and inspiring. I already got an idea!

furniture makeovers barb blair Ontario bookstores


I should really start showcasing some of the beautiful homes in my hood. Now I don’t LOVE this house but I really liked the colour scheme: gray, white, black and nature wood. Very interesting to see the wood mixed with gray and black. Not a typical approach. Do you think I can just take pictures or should I ask the home owners?


gray white and wood house scheme


Things are being taped. After a taping nightmare with ‘Green’ Painters Tape and went out and bought the good stuff: Frog Tape Painter’s Tape from Home Depot. Corner saver.


Like my screenshot? HA. No frills around here at the Row House Nest. Straight up screen capture. Guess where I am putting this puppy! From Ikea.

Ikea ranarp wall light


And while we are talking screen captures… I found this new Instagram account. LOVE. Stadshem. Stunning.

Stadshem homes dining room mid century


One of my favourite new projects. Just kidding. But seriously. Love this picture. Feet always moving.



And Nan. Sitting on a fun little antique chair that I bought in Marmora.

Nan from Row House Nest


So those are my projects. That I am not ready to share yet. Why do things take so long? Because they just do.

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  • Choosing the ‘right’ white is so hard. You think you’ve got the right one, and then you turn on a light and ‘Bam’ it looks completely different. Have fun!

  • Marmora shout-out! Yeah! Just trust your gut buddy: you’ll know the right white when you see it. We’re still totally in love with our Mushroom Mousse up here. It’s a warmer white, which helps when our house is freezing… xo