Pretty Candy.

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Adorable. But not I. Spotted here.

Instead of getting all crazy about Halloween, ghosts and ghouls – I decided to focus on something a little different, candy. I really like candy. Not a big chocolate person (except who doesn’t love British chocolate? That’s a whole different category!) but am most definitely an old fashioned gummy, licorice, soft bon bon sort of gal!

Spotted here.

Candy is the real reason why everyone loves Halloween isn’t it? Mostly I loved it for the cans of pop when I was a kid (my mom didn’t let us have pop unless it was a birthday party or Halloween). I know candy is horrible for us but can’t we just shine some love on it for the day?

Pretty sweet colourful number candies by photographer Massimo Gammacurta. Spotted here.

Can’t eat candy? Make some fun crafty crafts! Spotted here.

Back when kids were encouraged to eat as much as they wanted. Spotted here.

That is some candy love going on there. Spotted here.

If candy corn is your sort of thing…You can buy yourself some artwork on Etsy! Spotted here.

On the topic of candy corn (random note: I never knew that this specific type of candy was called candy corn until about 3 minutes ago.), look at these awesome DIY bags!!! Spotted here.

CANDY? No way! Tricked ya,¬†clementines¬†turned pumpkins, way too cute…but way too healthy for Halloween. Spotted here.

Soft candy delights. Spotted here.

I have a soft spot for vintage ads…Just like this one. Spotted here.

  • Sheila @SZInteriors

    Mmmmmmm…. love the soft candy delights! … And the vintage ads :-)