Play Things: Awesome Stuff For Little and Big Kids (that are mostly DIY!)

Having happy-go-lucky kids would rock, having homemade awesome play things for your happy-go-lucky hippy kids to play on would doubly rock (try saying that as many times as you can today. “This coffee doubly rocks”, for example). What’s great about this whole idea is that kids honestly don’t care if you didn’t put it together *exactly* how it is suppose to be put together or if you hacked the sewing job. Oh. And imagination is key. It always always helps to have kids who have a big imagination. That said, even if they don’t, look how cool these play things (tents/stages/stations etc etc etc) are:

That’s one tall house! Spotted here. Spotted here.

Like for real? A mom made this? Crazypants! Spotted here.

This is by binnenkijken but I can’t find the blog, sorry!

Great use of a small space -a converted kitchen and play area. Spotted here.

For indoor camping adventures. Spotted here.

Make your own children’s art center. So great. Spotted here.

Turn a table into a stellar play house in seconds…well after you are done sewing it! Spotted here.

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